Ron Horton - trumpet, flugelhorn, composer, arranger

As a leader:

  CD Cover - It's a Gadget World  
It's a Gadget World
CD Cover - Everything in a Dream
Everything in a Dream
  CD Cover - Subtextures  
  CD Cover - Genius Envy  
Genius Envy

With Andrew Hill:

Dusk (Palmetto)
A Beautiful Day (Palmetto)

With Members of Jazz Composers Collective:

Ben Allison - Seven Arrows (Koch)
Ben Allison - Medicine Wheel (Palmetto)
Ben Allison - Third Eye (Palmetto)
Ben Allison - Riding the Nuclear Tiger (Palmetto)
Ben Allison - Cowboy Justice (Palmetto)
Michael Blake - Drift (Intuition)
The Herbie Nichols Project - Love Is Proximity (Soul Note)
The Herbie Nichols Project - Dr. Cyclops’ Dream (Soul Note)
The Herbie Nichols Project - Strange City (Palmetto)
Ben Allison - Little Things Run The World (Palmetto)

With Others:

Maryanne DeProphetis - Tell a Star (Enna Records)
Tony Moreno - Short Stories (Mayimba Music)
Leslie Pintchik - True North
Ted Nash Big Band - Chakra (Plastic Sax)
Leslie Pintchik - In The Nature of Things (Pinch Hard)
Rez Abbasi - Out of Body (Feroza Music)
Sam Bardfeld - Periodic Trespasses (Fresh Sounds New Talent)
Andy Biskin - Dogmental (GM)
Jane Ira Bloom - Art and Aviation (Arabesque)
Allan Chase - Dark Clouds with Silver Lining (Accurate)
Allan Chase - Phoenix (Jazz Project)
East Down Septet - Out of Gridlock (Hep)
East Down Septet - Channel Surfing (Hep)
Fish Love That - Fish Love That (Deep Listening)
David Garland - On the Other Side of the Window (Review)
Lou Grassi - Neo Neo (CIMP)
Will Holshouser - Reed Song (Clean Feed)
Philip Johnston - Flood at the Ant Farm (Black Saint)
John McKenna - Apparition (IGMOD)
Diana Perez - Seventh Avenue (Timeless)
Diana Perez - Sunday Sketches (Timeless)
Peggy Stern - Actual Size (Koch)
Walter Thompson - The Colonel (9 Winds)
Maryanne DeProphetis - A Glance (LoNote)
Maria Guida - Soul Eyes (Larknote Records)
Abigail Riccards - When The Night Is New (Jazz Excursion)
Peter Yanowitch - Harmoniam (Miami Jazz Company)
Will Holshouser - Singing To a Bee (Clean Feed)
Will Holshouser - Palace Ghosts and Drunken Hymns (Clean Feed)
Maryanne DeProphetis - Lilacs In Winter (Blue Music Group)
Tim Horner - The Places We Feel Free (Miles High)


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